58 arrested at protest on Museumplein in Amsterdam


The police arrested 58 people on and around the Museumplein on Saturday. Fourteen hundred others were ‘administratively relocated’ and transferred to another location at the end of the afternoon. The municipality emphasizes that they were not arrested.

The municipality previously regarded the Museumplein and the immediate surroundings as a safety risk area. This was decided by the triangle (mayor, the police and the Public Prosecution Service) after there were indications that people would come to the square with weapons.

The police acted after protesters in the square were warned that the protest again did not comply with the corona measures and that it should not be held there. “The group did not heed repeated warnings from the police to leave,” the municipality said. Ultimately, the water cannon was used to get the demonstrators moving.

After the demonstration ended, a group of approximately fourteen hundred people marched to the Leidsekade. The group was locked in by the police and was transferred to another location after a few hours. “This decision was taken to restore order,” the municipality said.

“The triangle wants to emphasize that demonstrating is a fundamental right and that is facilitated every time as well as possible in Amsterdam. The aim is always to find a safe location with the organization through good consultation in advance, through the triangle, with the organization, and about what can and cannot be done. It is clear that despite the agreements made earlier, this organization intentionally and knowingly did not want to comply with them,” the municipality explains.

The Museumplein will also be designated a safety risk area on Sunday. This gives the police the power to carry out preventive searches of persons in the area.