Their kind act has relieved so much stress:’ CCU student discovers $500 tip during shift


A Coastal Carolina University student received a heartwarming gift Saturday night during her shift at Outback Steakhouse in Conway.

Savannah Stoneman said a young couple left her an amazing $500 tip after they noticed her tattoo on her wrist of her dad’s handwriting from a letter he sent her when he was deployed in Iraq.

The couple mentioned they had just visited a tattoo shop and in the note at the bottom of the receipt mentioned for her to “get something that makes you happy.”

Stoneman said she is in the process of doing her student teaching internship at school so money is very tight lately. She would like the couple to know how much their kindness and generosity meant to her.

“I’m only able to work at Outback two days a week, that one tip from them is more than I’m making in an entire week right now. It just blows my mind that someone could be so generous to a complete stranger. I just want to thank them from the bottom of my heart and let them know that their kind act has relieved so much stress I’ve been dealing with. As a server, you see amazing people and many customers who don’t acknowledge servers as people and don’t take their feelings into consideration. That couple is by far the most amazing people I have met in my time serving.”